Mia Stevens

PhD Student

FXB 1236 – minist@umich.edu



About Mia

Mia Stevens is a PhD student in the Robotics Program at the University of Michigan. Mia holds a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Research Interests

Mia’s PhD work focuses on geofencing for small unmanned aerial systems. She is interested in developing system independent guidance schemes for sUAS.

Recent Publications

Conference Papers:

  • Stevens, Mia N., and Ella M. Atkins. “Multi-Mode Guidance for an Independent Multicopter Geofencing System.” Proceedings of the 16th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, Washington, D.C., USA. 2016.
  • Stevens, Mia N., Brandon Coloe, and Ella M. Atkins. “Platform-Independent Geofencing for Low Altitude UAS Operations.” Proceedings of the 15th AIAA Aviation Technology Integration, and Operations Conference, Dallas, TX, USA. 2015.